Organise your rental properties.

Know exactly how much rent is due. Keep track of your properties and tenants and avoid billing mistakes. Suitable for managing single properties, multiple properties and small hotels/motels.

Features that save you time.

Useful for tenants, landlords and property managers.

Flexible search and filtering system to find information quickly.

XML and CSV export for flexible data processing.

Keep track of paper work with the built in note editor.

Reports provide detailed financial information.

Add reminders to iCloud for due and upcoming rental payments.


I really like the software. I live in the UK, and I use it for issuing bills to my tenants. Like you, I used to use a spreadsheet, and it was very time consuming. I have 16 tenants and inevitably errors crept in. I'm confident that Property Manager will shorten office time and reduce errors. - John
Your app looks fantastic - do you have versions for iPad and iPhone, or just Mac iOS at the moment? There is absolutely nothing on the market like this. I'd just like to be able to enter info on my iPhone or iPad, and have it sync across all devices. I LOVE the look of the desktop version - my compliments. - Verity

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