You can add expenses e.g. power bills, repairs, to property records. These expenses are included in various reports, e.g. to offset income, measure costs over time, etc.

Depending on your setup, you might want to add a single Property for tracking general expenses. You can also use sub-leases to track expenses specific to a particular area of a property.

Add Expense

To add an expense, select a Property, then click + Add Expense.

The date of the expense.
A summary of the expense.
The debit amount associated with the expense.
Categorization of the expense. The first tag is the primary categorization.
Settled At
An optional date, when the expense was paid.
The receipt number relating to the settlmenet of the expense.

Expense Report

You can generate a report on expenses by selecting several properties (with expenses) and then selecting Expense Report from the Report menu.

You can change the date range by clicking on Configuration.