Property Manager is a tool for keeping track of tenured leases, including rental properties, sub-leases, small hotels/motels and other situations where you have a periodic contract for a property or room of some sort.

Property Manager can be used by both tenants and landlords for a variety of tasks including:

  • A landlord can manage several properties and the associated tenants and tenures.
  • A tenant can keep track of how much rent they owe.
  • A home-stay can manage the fixed-term contracts for a boarder.
  • A tenant can manage several sub-leases if they are renting out individual rooms.


Property Manager concerns itself with the following information:

A property is a place someone can stay. It has an address, expenses, and is used for reporting financial summaries.
A tentant is a person who can stay in a property. They have a name, and are specified as part of a tenure.
A tenure records a specific tenant living in a specific property, the date they moved in, and all monetary transactions in relation to said tenancy. To create a tenure, you must have already created the property and tenant records.
A free-form record relating to a property, tenant or tenure.